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Getting to Bathurst


Bathurst is a comfortable 2 hour drive from Penrith at the base of the Blue Mountains. You’ll drive through the scenic Blue Mountains, the historic and beautiful Hartley Valley before the welcoming Bathurst Plains greet you beyond Lithgow.

You can travel along the Great Western Highway or one of the many back roads.

There is good mobile reception along the way with most carriers.

You will be travelling in the country so remember to watch out for wildlife such as Kangaroos, especially at night.


There is a range of train services to Bathurst from Sydney.

The XPT Train Service is the most popular way to get to Bathurst. This is a daily service from Sydney to Dubbo which arrives in Bathurst at 10:52am and returns from Dubbo every evening, departing Bathurst at 5:20pm.

There are other train services from Sydney to Lithgow with a bus service from Lithgow to Bathurst.

The Bathurst Bullet is another limited stop service from Bathurst to Sydney Monday to Friday. It then leaves Sydney every evening and returns to Bathurst. It is a pre-booked service and the train offers a food service as well.

Flying to Bathurst

If you plan on flying yourself or chartering a plane to bring you to Bathurst, you find Bathurst Regional Airport to be one of the state’s most progressive country airports.

You can also catch a regular passenger transport service between Sydney and Bathurst with REX Airlines.

Courtesy transfers

Bathurst Tours offer our Guests a free courtesy transfer service from the Bathurst station and Bathurst airport to your accommodation, every day of the week, day and night. This is a pre-booked service.

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